registered half arabian/half paint  with King P234 and Leo bloodlines
how can I say it without gloating   she's  MINE


this is to supply you with info of a company I deal with called just4funtack and ctarabians  these are the websites of Carol Morin the owner/trainer/breeder of Arabian and half/arabian horses in Lewisville Texas. She has bloodlines containing Leo and KingP234 and one 99.9% pure paint Arabian   I have one of the halfarabian mares and she is a beauty.  smarter than any horse I've seen or the others I own

 Carol has and makes some really neat halters, headstalls and other tack to make your horse stand out or if your in the market she has horses that win and has the proof of it. Dakota above is my own mare and she has 6 brothers and sisters who are World and some are International show champions.  You can see her horses at ctarabians.com  she and her husband Tim are good people and thats hard to find

just4funtack.com         ctarabians.com