Welcome to   Rural Waste Services.com
the website of Rural Waste Services L.L.C.  

We are a  rural route waste service and charge by the household

We pickup weekly and charge by the month we cover the most of 
Grayson county
 in Texas along with the Callisburg,Dexter and Sturgean  area
$20.00 per month effective 1-1-2012

We also cover the southwestern section of Bryan county in Oklahoma.  Calera, Colbert, Durant, Achille, Kemp, Hendrix, Cartwright

this number is not available Saturday thru Monday

all calls made during closed hours are answered as soon as possible during regular business hours,, emails are answered as we check during the weekend
phone hours are 8:00 am thru 5:00 pm

P.O.BOX 65 HOWE, TEXAS 75459