If you wonder why we don't want to stand out by your cans tying your bags let me give you an insight into why

1.  If they get thrown in upside down they empty into your can when we pick them up.

2. If we stand there and tie them for you at about 1 minute per stop and we have about 150 stops per day, then we get to stay out working for an extra 2 and 1/2 hours a day

3. When you throw out a bag from mcdonalds or sonic and the EPA catches you , you'll probably get a chewing out,,we'll get a huge fine, a water bottle blew out of my trailer in Southmayde and it cost me $146.00

4. You agreed to tie them when you called to sign on with us, it is all about not losing trash as we go down the highway, I have followed garbage trucks from the city and other services and watched trash fly out of their trucks and these are sealed garbage trucks, if it is seen by the hipo or county or southmayde it is an automatic pullover and ticket