this will be where I warn you of problems I've had with other businesses

  holland logoes- screen printing and everything else is sent out if theres enough profit-- paid up front for 18 tshirts and to have 6 jackets labeled,, was called and told they had forgotten to add a 25 dollar digitation fee and wouldn't be doing the jackets but the tshirts were ready.. refused to do the lower profit items

texas roadhouse- don't go in there after the lunch rush- waited for 35 minutes and noone would take my order, they were all on break, two tables from me- complaint to corporate was answered 3 weeks later by the manager at tr who really didn't give a darn

ramey chevrolet- bought a new truck and was lied to by the salesmen and service refused my warranty, had to go to holiday to get it taken care of

don't go to brownsville tennessee and expect service at their fast food places,  if your white, or look white,, was refused service and told I was a racist because my skin wasn't as dark as theirs,, my thoughts at the time were probably just as dark as their skin