ok so I was working the other day and it occured to me that we have a major fight going on in this country,, we describe it as democrat versus republican,, it's actually more like revenge of the nerds,, ever notice that the very people who were downtrodden, racially oppressed, sexually oppressed, sexually profiled or treated badly in the movie were all called nerds.. today we call them social justice warriors or democrats,, the very people who we felt sorry for and championed in the movie have become the enemy at the gate trying to bring in every demonic, vile, or immoral act in the guise of freedom,, since when do we allow men in womens bathrooms? I'm going to jail the first time I catch that happening to one of my wife, daughter or granddaughters.. when did it become ok for children to change their birth sex, with, their parents permission and usually with their assistance or coersion,, when did it become illegal to address a man or woman by their obvious gender at most of the colleges today,, why should a Christian have to cowtow to a queer or face a legal battle to lose every thing they own,, and I said queer because gay means happy not sexually twisted,, as God gave the rainbow as a sign from heaven for all mankind, who gave the queers the right to use it as their flag?  maybe what we have here is not a social problem but a moral and mental one. perhaps what is needed is for the men and women of God to stand and take back what is rightfully ours and to end this,, I get in trouble every time I bring it up but, 99% of these actions were death sentences in the old testament and the reason God gave was to remove the sin from the land,when the Israelites didn't do it , it came back to bite them in the backside and lead them away,,  remember all those who said if Trump won they would leave? wouldn't that fall under trying to influence the vote?shouldn't they be required to keep their sworn oaths to leave, rather than allowed to stay again< isn't that right Cher?didn't she say that the last two times a republican won?  why is it so wrong to remove those who are here illegally,, what part of illegal isn't understood?why are we allowing our sworn enemies to enter as refugees? REVENGE OF THE NERDS,, the college geeks who want free tuition and a starting salary equal to the owner of whatever company they go to work for, the sexually twisted like Lamar in the show,, looked alot like Obama didn't he, the commies, the perverts, all those wonderful people who have built the new Democrat party into what it is today. maybe our prayers should be for God to cleanse our land  and remove the sin that has risen among us,, Rush Limbaugh once made a statement that we needed to remove the democrats from this country to get it back on track, but that we should keep a couple around to remind us of who they are,, I think that was what got Israel in trouble,, every time a people are kept from doing what they want they will eventually find a way to overcome,, even when they are the problem to begin with,, that's why we have the problem we do today,, we took all the training out of the schools and replaced it with college or no training at all or welfare,,, we allowed the border to become a swinging door,, now we wonder what happened to all the jobs and thats not counting the way our elected officials sent all of our factories out of our country.. and what about the school taxes being raised every time a district wants an increase or a new building,, here in Sherman they destroyed Dillingham thru non repair to get a new school, then Denison said it's high school couldn't make it another two years,, but as soon as the new high school was built they converted the old to the new middle school .. we have to get ahold of this somehow, but, my fear is that it's too late without a civil war.

And today we have a new movement,, Sologomy,, the act of marrying ones self,, now if you do this wouldn't it be cheating to date another? wouldn't it be adultery to sleep with another? wouldn't you have to get a divorce from yourself to marry another without committing polygomy?If a woman married herself and had a child who's the daddy?

singular thought I had,, if Stephen Hawking is so intelligent and his IQ is no higher than Goldie Hawn and half a dozen other actors, then does that mean he's just acting like a genious?