these two are my quarab, Tiffany,, aka Dakota Dream Catur of CTArabians, super smart and too much attitude, but like all beautiful females she gets away with it


this is Jake, a Morgan, he is my main ride, retired police horse due to attitude, smooth as silk, gaited, attitude of a spoiled brat


 my wifes horse Chester,quarter horse, he trains all our grandchildren, is a retired ranch horse



      Cowboy,quarter horse,  used for roping, riding

the one in front is Trigger a welsh pony,, he started riding without any fuss or argument, he's 2 1/2 now in 2-2017

this is Inca, a tattooed mustang who is gaited and one heck of a smooth ride, looks to have some draft in her

this is Budro, a well built quarter horse who spooks easily

this is Sadie,, loves attention

this is Buddy,, gaited we call him the dancer,, does a double step when saddled thats really fancy

the one facing you is the old lady Bing,, she's 28 and still has the fastest and smoothest walk of them all

this is my baby, Lizzie, for Lizzieanne, she came from Black Legacy @CTArabians and my Quarab Tiffany aka Dakota Dream Catur

she's spoilt rotten, loves peppermint sticks and carrots,, has been saddled and walked with my young neighbor and two of my granddaughters on her at separate times, will be two years old 2-11-2017  she steers with lead ropes on her halter from behind, backs and whoas, will lay her head  in your lap if you lay out on the ground,, loves attention